Cupping Notes: Almond, Cream, Dark Berry, Dried Fruit, Honey

Description: “This story begins about 30 years ago. Valdeci was working on a large coffee farm, and Hudson, a member of the 4th generation of a traditional family of coffee growers, was still a child and wandered around his grandfather's coffee fields. Both shared a dream, to have their own property and produce high quality coffee. Years later, they had the opportunity to acquire a high-altitude property. They believed in what everyone said was impossible, producing special coffees in the mountains. It was a family union seeking the same ideal. Through hard work, persistence and dedication, they planted their Topázio and Yellow Catuaí coffee fields in up to 1340 meters of altitudes. The farm is located in the South Minas region and is located in the mountains near Ilicínea. With beautiful views that captivate the eyes and the heart. In a privileged area and with great effort, from the first harvest the coffees produced on the farm are classified as special, with a unique flavor. To overcome the region's climate challenges, such as the strong winds, it was necessary to invest in the protection of the fields. Due to the high altitude, the grains ripen and are harvested later. To verify the peak ripeness of the fruits, the BRIX refractometer is used. This measures the amount of sugar present in the fruit so that growers can harvest their coffee at the right time. The harvest is done by hand, prioritizing the quality of the coffees. The coffees are dried in a mechanical type dryer, which varies the temperature of the circulating air. The harvested coffee is placed directly in this dryer, allowing the slow and controlled process of drying and fermentation. The drying process lasts until the coffee is used, the intrinsic sensory characteristics are maintained. After drying, the coffee rests for a period of time. At the time of harvest 10 employees from the northern region of Minas Gerais arrive at the farm to harvest coffee. Because the coffee plantations are on the mountain, all grains are transported by a motorcycle to the static drying boxes. Hudson and Valdeci are happy with the result of hard work on the coffee plantations.”