Our Story



   Jacob Roper and Kevin Feldman both grew up in Raton, New Mexico where they developed a lifelong friendship. Their bond followed them through CSU Pueblo and all the way to Monarch Mountain with their very first season passes. These two snowboard enthusiasts first started weekend trips which soon turned into a full blown obsession. The thrill of carving tight lines and flowing through fresh pow pushed them to shape their lives around being outside, laughing, and crushin’.

When you put some friends on a chairlift together some great things can happen. That’s where the idea of “if you just never stop, then you will never get old”, and the motto of “never stop crushin” was born. The motto is basic and the way to do it is easy. Just never stop, always keep pushing forward, and progress to make yourself better!

   While Jacob was finishing his Bachelor’s Degree at CSU and working in retail, he had the realization that his life wasn’t heading the direction he wanted. That’s when he decided to begin working for Monarch and become a ski bum for a season, and five years later the community he found was one that was difficult to let go of. A few years down the road, while Jacob was living out his crushin’ dreams at Monarch, Kevin was having a dilemma of his own…His own realization of wanting to pursue a life of fun was reached after receiving his master's Degree. Kevin ended up finding his passion while working for a local coffee shop and after finishing a day of shredding he decided to blend his two passions.

   When it came time to take their life in a different direction, they found an opportunity to set themselves up for future success. Knowing it was going to be difficult to start a business from the ground up, they looked within and determined that they had individual drive to succeed, and combined with their work ethic they could accomplish big things! By yielding to their 5 Key Ideals, they firmly believe they can provide quality service while staying true to their passions.

   We are a fresh start up coffee supplier in the Arkansas River Valley. We believe in the incomparable quality of our coffee, our dedication to customer service, and our unending love for the crushin’ lifestyle and we hope to spread the stoke to you!