About Us

Life's too short to drink bad coffee!

Crushin Coffee is a small roasting company that is located in Salida Colorado. Though we are a small roasting company, we make up for the small size with only roasting high-quality coffee, offering great customer service, and competitive prices. We are committed to only serving the best tasting coffee we can find. We strive daily to get better at what we do, so anyone that drinks our coffee will have the best coffee experience possible. We distribute to coffee shops, restaurants, and homes across Southern CO and Northern NM. We buy only direct, fair trade coffee. Our importers (Bohdi Leaf Coffee Traders) have a direct relationship with each coffee farm. This assures us that all farms are giving back to their communities and only practicing environmentally safe farming. 


Small Batch Roasting

We roast all of our coffee to order, making sure it is delivered to you at it's freshest. All of our coffee is roasted in small batches with the perfect profile to bring out the best flavors in each coffee.

Our Mission

    Here at Crushin’ Coffee, we strive to appreciate the coffee and its journey, provide outstanding customer service, and deliver the best quality of coffee to Chaffee County and the surrounding areas .  Crushin’ Coffee operates on 5 Key ideals:


1) Make everything fun

2) Stay Stoked

3) Work hard to achieve your dreams

4) Explore and Progress

5) Never stop crushin’

Let us all gather to drink coffee to fuel us in our adventures 

Fluid Bed Roasting

Crushin Coffee uses a 12lb fluid bed roaster to roast all of its coffee. Fluid bed roasting can also be referred to as air roasting. For multiple reasons we feel like this is the best method for roasting coffee and once you have a taste of our coffee, we think you will have the same opinion. To explain a little more, modern fluid bed roasting equipment uses a stream of high velocity hot air to levitate the coffee beans and suspend them momentarily in a bath of hot air, allowing uniform heating of the individual beans.  As the coffee beans are levitated in the hot air stream, they roll and tumble in the super heated air, which causes unwanted by-products of the roast (burnt chaff, under size or broken beans, etc) to be expelled by the convective/lifting action of the hot air. This process offers a consistent coffee batch after batch.

Bean Selection

Our roasting philosophy tends to be a little different than many other companies. We feel like if done right, drinking your morning coffee can not only be the pep you need to start your day, but it can also be a great experience. Coffee so good that it makes you want to go to bed so the morning will come quicker! We like to source coffee from around the world. As you try different origins and different processing methods of those origins, you will see that there is no such thing as a basic cup of coffee. Every coffee bean touches up to 14 pairs of hands in the process from planting the coffee tree until you grab that cup and drink it. We appreciate this coffee journey. We strive to learn something about each coffee we buy and to explore the vast variety of amazing coffees out there. Our coffees will consistently change through the year as we strive to always bring you the best cup of coffee imaginable!